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Ten Myths about Doulas

Posted by on Mar 13, 2014

#1 – A doula will prevent my baby’s other parent from feeling fully involved with our baby’s birth A doula works with the whole family. When the partner is looking tentative, the doula can say something like “Why don’t you stand here and hold her through the contraction while I rub her back?” Right away, the partner feels involved and knows what to do. In a study comparing families who had doulas with families who didn’t, it was found that partners who had a doula’s help touched the labouring mother MORE than partners who did not have a doula. And mothers who had a doula were more likely to feel satisfied with their partner’s role at the birth. For more on this – see #2 – A doula is the same as a midwife A doula works along with the mother’s midwife or doctor to provide emotional, physical and informational support during pregnancy, labour and the post-partum period. She can help them find information, provide reassurance, help them communicate with their care-provider, hold a hand, rub a back. She adds to the experience of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding by helping parents feel safe and supported. She is not a clinical care provider and does not have the level of training of a midwife or physician. For more about doulas see #3 – A doula will boss me around and tell me what to do during labour. A doula’s role is to help the mother feel in control and “on top of” the events of her labour. The doula spends several hours in prenatal meetings getting to know the mother and her partner, their preference and plans. The doula helps the parents implement the birth plan while helping them to accept the changes to the plan that may be needed as labour progresses. For more on how a doula can help, see #4 – Doulas are all natural childbirth types who will look down on me if I choose to use pain medication or need to have a caesarean. The doula’s priority is for the mother to feel that she had every support she needed during labour. If those supports include an epidural or a caesarean, the doula helps the mother to feel good about her choice and to experience her baby’s birth fully, with no regrets. #5 – Doulas only go to home births. Most of the births attended by doulas are in the hospital. Doulas’ clients may be in the care of a family physician or a midwife. Doulas work with all sorts of families and care-providers, in the hospital as well as at home. They work where their clients need and want to be. #6 – A doula will just be an extra stranger at the birth – I want it to be an intimate time with my partner and family. Labour and birth in a hospital are not intimate times – nurses, lab technicians, the obstetrician, the anesthesiologist, the paediatrician, the resident will...

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