Lactation Support

We offer mobile, in-home lactation support. 

Eva Bild and Corinne Bargen provide private, professional lactation teaching and support, in the comfort of your own home, or online via Zoom.

One of us will meet with you, your baby, and any other family member or support person you would like to have present.  Your partner, your parent, your sibling, or a friend can be very useful to help you remember all that we discuss at the appointment.  We ask that your baby be HUNGRY – so that we are most likely to see the baby feed with enthusiasm.  This means that you should fee your baby approximately two hours before the appointment time and then not feed again until the consultation.

We ask you to have on hand any gadgets you are using for breast/chestfeeding – nipple shield, bottle, tube, supplemental nursing system.  If you are pumping, you should have a small amount of pumped milk in a bottle for us to use if we need to coax baby to latch.  If you use a particular nursing pillow at every feed, please have it on hand. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to have 2-3 bed pillows for us to work with.

We charge $100 an hour for lactation support . Usually one or two 1 hour visits are enough to help you and baby feed more comfortably and more effectively.

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