Doula Training & Mentoring

Eva talking to a class

I have been working as a doula since 1995. As I worked as a doula and gained experience, I naturally started to meet more and more doulas and act as a mentor to them. I love it. Mentorship always gives as much to the mentor as the mentee. It’s an opportunity to reflect on my own practice as I help others find their way through theirs. My enjoyment of mentoring doulas led me to become approved as a DONA Birth Doula Trainer in 2005.  I have trained over 700 doulas since then.

In 2024, I am starting a whole new project! I have designed a Combined Birth and Postpartum Doula Training Course for Douglas College in New Westminster. We will be running it twice this year, starting in April and again in September.

The Douglas College Doula Training Course is process-focussed and interactive. It allows time for participants to discuss and work through their beliefs, values, and assumptions about childbirth, about childbearing parents, about the needs of the post-partum parent, the new baby and the whole family, and about doulas.

You can read all about the course and register on the Douglas College Website.

Are you a doula who has done their initial training and now needs some support in finding clients, setting up your business, or getting through some of the challenges of supporting families? Please reach out to me via eva at I would be happy to chat. If you need a longer, more formalized relationship, to receive ongoing support, we can set something up. I look forward to hearing from you.