Birth Doula

Birth Doula

My doula services package includes:

  • a free “check-me-out” consultation where you can meet me and decide if I am the right doula for you
  • two prenatal visits in your last trimester – we will get to know each other well and I will learn what your preferences and expectations are for birth
  • ALL of labour – from the minute you want me in early labour until a couple of hours after the birth of your baby
  • two postnatal visits (or more if needed) – to debrief the birth and help with feeding issues
  • a birth story – a time-line of the events leading up to your baby’s birth

As I have worked with families of various backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, I have come to learn that each family has its own structure, its own values and culture. It is my job to learn about that culture, those values, and to honour and support them to the best of my ability. It is also my job to help my clients navigate the health care system and to find the local perinatal resources which will suit them best.

During our prenatal visits I will want to learn all about your values and your dreams for your baby’s birth and for your care.  I will learn about your personal preferences around massage, touch, breathing, relaxation and positions for labour, even what music you like and what kind of juice you prefer.  Everything is important in helping you to plan for this very important time.

I like my clients to call me and let me know as soon as they think: “I wonder if I’m in labour now?”  This gives me time to get organized.  I join my clients in early labour as soon as they are feeling a need for support.  It’s never too early to call me!  We work out on the phone how things are going, what the best strategy is for the next few hours, and when I should come over.   I almost always meet my clients in early labour at home.  If the birth is planned to be at home, we continue to labour together there and await the arrival of the midwife.  If the hospital is the planned place of birth, we move there once the childbearing parent is in active labour and feels ready to go.

Eva R Bild, Birth Doula

I don’t make decisions for my clients or tell them what to do.  My job is to give them support and information as they make their own decisions.  I also want to enhance their relationship with their care provide – their doctor or midwife or nurse – so that they communicate well and get really personalized care.

My fee is $1200.  I am happy to develop a payment plan to make my doula services accessible to anyone who wants them.

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