Eva’s Approach to Lactation Support

My main approach to chest/breastfeeding is to use Laid-Back Breastfeeding and Baby-Led Latch.  These approaches are based on the baby’s basic competence and ability to connect to the nipple and remove the milk. They help you and the baby develop a way of working together. I find that these techniques can often get babies latched more easily, with less resistance on the part of the baby and less pain for you.  But one size never fits all, and I have a lot of other tricks up my sleeve.  We will use whatever techniques and whatever positions work best for you and your baby.

A lot of what I do as a Lactation Educator is explain to the parents what normal newborn behaviour looks like.

Normal baby behaviour is not something most parents are taught about so they are often guessing and wondering and feel unsure about how to interpret their baby’s behaviour.   And babies pick up on our feelings of uncertainty and are more difficult to settle.   It’s good for babies when parents feel confident and sure in their parenting.   And feeding is an aspect of parenting.  When parents understand the baby, and the baby’s needs, they are able to relax and work on developing a relationship, a partnership with their baby.