Merry Christmas!

Posted by on Dec 23, 2015

I just visited with a family I have know since their babies were born, seventeen and fifteen years ago. I was their doula. I was there for a glass of Christmas cheer and I got to see their lovely decorations and their beautiful tree.

I noticed, lovingly arranged over the back of an armchair in the living room, two little baby sleepers – one red and one white – with Christmas patterns on them. They were the two children’s First Christmas Suits! The family stores them with the decorations and brings them out each year, along with all the other, beloved ornaments. It certainly marks time passing, and children growing, to be able to see their baby outfits like that, every year! What a lovely tradition!

I know new parents are overwhelmed with advice about treasuring every minute of the time with their babies. I know the first years feel so slow as they are happening, and then feel so fast as we look back on them. I know that most of us cannot find time to keep a diary or a baby book. It all feels like too much! But traditions like keeping the baby sleepers with the Christmas decorations can help us remember.

Now that my kids have left home and live in far-away cities, I have started a new tradition. My husband cuts a thin slice off the end of the tree at the end of the holiday, and after I put away all the ornaments, I write on that thin slice of wood a few words to remember that Christmas. I write who was there, and what the sayings or songs, or buzz-words of that holiday were. (I confess, I found this idea on Pinterest!)

screwball comedies

I’ve only been doing this for three or four years. But my kids cam home this year and opened the box with all the disks of pine tree (it smells so nice!) and read the silly things I wrote, and remembered.

I hope that in the hustle and bustle of the season, all you parents of young kids out there can find time to do something that will help you remember how it felt at this time, in this place, to cuddle those babies, and enjoy the coziness that can come with this time.

Merry Christmas to you all!