Keeping the Love Alive

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014

I am spending the morning working on our course for new parents – Keeping the Love Alive – When Partners become Parents

It’s such a challenging topic to try to wrap up into 6 hours! Many parents see having a baby together as the ultimate expression of their love for each other. And then, once the baby is there, they find their ability to continue to express their love for each other eroded by lack of time, lack of sleep, lack of patience, lack of communication.

Most partners, as they enter into what we call “The Baby Project” believe that THEIR relationship, THEIR love, THEIR family will be different from the ones they see around them. “WE don’t let OUR baby do THAT!”

Now a certain amount of denial is helpful. We’d never move on and do new things and change our lives if we considered every little detail. But it only works for awhile. Eventually the problems have to be confronted, the mess has to be cleaned up, the relationship has to be repaired.

Almost every couple goes through a rough patch when they have small children and almost every couple has to find a way to communicated and stay close, to maintain their emotional and physical intimacy during this time.

Keeping the Love Alive focuses on communication skills, but also on roles, responsibilities and the division of tasks. We discuss aspects of good (and bad) communication, and we provide you with a recipe for “Family Talk”, as way of communicating about difficult topics. We create a safe, comfortable space and a time dedicated to you as a couple, so that the two of you can focus on each other and find each other through the mess of The Baby Projsct.

Do come and join Joss Hurtig-Mitchel (Registered Clinical Counselor) and Eva Bild, (Parent Educator) (that’s me!) to spend some time reviving your couple-life. The next course runs at Mothering Touch on Sunday February 2 and Sunday March 9 from 2:30-5:30pm. (Get a sitter and go out for dinner afterwards!) You can read more about the course and register on-line here: